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Eating Weeds from the Sea.

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

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Those weeds in the sea be the bomb. What am I talking about, “Seaweed”. Seaweed is not that annoying, itchy grass that floats on the beach water. At first, I thought that’s what it was, until my girls “put me on” where you can find them.

Seaweed is different species of marine plants & algae. According to Medical News Today. Seaweed contains Vitamins A, B, C, E, K, Iron, Iodine, Fiber, Protein etc. Seaweed helps with thyroid function, digestive health and weight loss.

Remember in my earlier posts, I stated that the doctor said my bloodwork showed signs of hyperthyroidism. After various tests there is only one nodule in my thyroid, that is actually overworking. I am looking into more natural remedies to help heal that part of my thyroid. Seaweed helps in thyroid function, I will definitely be trying these more often, but not too much because of its iodine content. Seaweed is a good source of iodine which can cause hyperthyroidism to worsen, but I believe you should take seaweed in small amounts and see how it affects your body.

I bought several brands of seaweeds to have #mukbang and test which ones taste better. I bought:

Ocean Halo for .74 cents at Walmart.

Annie Chun for $1.55 at Publix.

I also bought an Organic Kirkland brand for $2.50 at a place called Bubba Tea.

The seaweed’s texture is very thin, if you have ever eaten codfish it taste like that, with also a kale like finish.

One suggestion don’t eat seaweed when you have not eaten, because it will make your belly growl with hunger. Do you know that embarrassing noise your belly makes especially when you are around people. Then you have to talk loudly or make noise with something so that the other person doesn’t hear the noise. I know I am not the only one. Its best to eat seaweed after a well-balanced or hearty meal, when you may just need a light snack, Don’t give into chips, cookies, or any other unhealthy snacks there are better alternatives that are better for you.

Instead of eating junk eat that sea crunch.

All advice are my own. Thanks for the support.

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