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Egg My Weight Down!

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

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Eggs are one of my favorite foods. Brands such as Nellie's or Pete & Gerry's are my go-to. I like to eat them scrambled or boiled. Eggs can also be used for your hair and/ or face, but that’s for another blog. I have heard many people say that there are no fat burning foods, however there are foods that do help maintain a healthy weight.


When my sister who is a weight loss management guru, told me that she heard from a doctor, if you eat 4 boiled eggs in the morning, this may help you maintain a healthy weight. So, I tested this theory for a month which was easy to do because as I said before, “I love eggs”.

My busy schedule often times have me rushing out of the house without eating breakfast. Then later I would overeat at lunch or dinner time. During my experiment, I would boil 4 eggs every morning while I get ready. By the time I am ready to leave, I quickly crack & peel the eggs and I also make a cayenne pepper with Braggs apple cider dressing. This dressings on the eggs, would sometimes help control my hunger until lunch time. Sometimes it works but when it doesn’t,

I would have a Belvita Dark Chocolate Breakfast Biscuit

or a Nature Valley Oats n Honey on standby when hunger comes calling from my belly.

After doing this for a month, and only exercising by walking. I only gained 1 or 2 pounds. This theory may have to get tested more, but hey at least I got to eat eggs every morning.

As my sister always says, "weight loss is 90% of what you eat and 10% exercise". Throughout my weight loss management journey, I have found this statement to be very true.

All advice are my own. Thanks for the support.

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