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Molasses is the Baddest

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Remember in my first blog post, I mentioned after going to the doctor for my annual physical. My blood work showed signs of borderline anemia. I was prescribed iron pills however these pills caused constipation in me. So, I wanted a more #naturalremedy.

I started taking Blackstrap Molasses. After a lot of researching I found that it helps improve anemia. This is a wonder-food, which many people are not aware of its many healing and disease preventing properties. Every house should have a jar of Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses.

It’s a great cancer fighter remedy; contains more iron than any other food ,except for pig's liver and brewer's yeast, so it will definitely help with #anemia. Has five times more calcium than milk, its abundant in B vitamins. There is also a sizeable amount of trace mineral chromium which can help maintain proper blood sugar levels. It can also help with #acne, #constipation, sinus issues, stronger eyesight and some people have regained their original hair color with a healthier appearance, so it helps with gray hair in some cases.

The best news is that it is very inexpensive, but make sure you purchase "Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses" Always consult your physician before beginning any regimen. This is worth a try especially with all the benefits it contains.

I purchase two brands of blackstrap molasses Simply balanced and Grandma’s. Simply balanced is not available at this moment IN #Target but there are other alternatives.

The most convenient way to take molasses is before meals. Take 1 teaspoonful melted in half a cup of warm water, or it can be taken straight, but warm water should be drunk immediately afterwards.

Buy that molasses and you won’t be needing glasses.

All opinions are my own. Thanks for the support.

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