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Shop Small, Shop Local, Where to Start?

Everywhere you go, everywhere you turn, you see, you hear #shopsmall #shoplocal These slogans and hashtags encourage people to support small businesses. You may say to yourself how do I know, if I am shopping with a small business?

Well let me put you on game, most of the time if you are shopping in a brick and mortar, there will be a sign that says you are shopping with a small business.

If the business is online they may use popular small business hashtags, this info may also be located in their about page or you can read their bio.

There are many online marketplaces such as Amazon who have taken the time to highlight certain small businesses. You can also check with your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of small business owners. Some school districts also have a list of small businesses, as they do conduct business with most local businesses.

Here are a few small businesses who sell their products on Amazon:

CariBBrew is a Woman & Black Owned Small Business that sells organic coffee, hot chocolate and many more. Hot chocolate will do you good for the upcoming cold season.

In need of #petsupplies such as a leash you can shop with a FMS Store a Veteran owned small business for unique handmade items.

#Selfcare is important, now more than ever in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Beets & Apples have the most awesome self care gift set for any occasion. Don't just take my word, you have to try them yourselves.

Family owned small businesses are one of my favorites to shop at, because you get to meet parents, grand parents, children, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. When you are a regular its just like you are family, that's the best part. If you need an address sign for your home, that will make all the neighbors talk about how bougie you think you are, then shopping with Address America Store is what you want.

For the full list of small businesses you can support this holiday season where you shop for jewelry, home décor, clothing, shoes, food items, office equipment, electronics, toys, educational items, exercise items, beauty needs, candles so many to name but here they are.

Shop small, shop local, whether in person or online you are helping your community in ways that cannot be put in words so, Thank you for shopping with us.

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