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Strike a Weight Pose

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Struggled with weight for so many years. Would lose a few pounds only to gain double of that weight back. Mostly everywhere I go, people would ask, Are you pregnant? No, I'm just big. I hated that, but I guess I did not hate it enough because I never did anything about it.

I rarely took pictures because I was so ashamed of my weight, but when I did take pictures, I had three poses.

Picture 1- The awkward pose where you focus on my pose instead of my weight.

Picture 2- A handbag in front of my stomach not to show off, but to hide how big my belly area was.

Picture 3- Top or face only pictures.

Now Picture 4 and 5- I can take whatever pose I want.

I may not have a flat stomach Yet, but I don't have that pregnant look anymore. Can you relate? One thing I can say, if you are struggling with weight, make sure you always look your best at all times. If you want to lose some extra pounds, start slow, and then increase as you go.

I started my weight loss journey by going to the park in the morning and walking for 15 to 20 minutes, and I would not eat after 7pm. After being consistent for 3 weeks I started playing tennis and running. I also did a green smoothie cleanse. Doing that alone I lost 40 pounds.

I have tried a lot of diets that never worked for me. I just changed my eating habits and incorporated exercise and the pounds went down little by little. Don't say you can't, “oh you have done it before, and it never worked for you”.

Yes, you can do it, change your mindset and see the pounds go down.

All advice are my own. Thanks for the support.

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