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Thrifting for Media and Technology

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I have to admit, I love shopping at thrift stores. There are some awesome items you can find if you know how to look. My favorite things to buy are media and tech gadgets that are new and were never used, but I will still buy them used as long as they are in a good condition. Media and tech items can get pricey, so if you are able to find them at a thrift store, well you should go on and buy them then.

I went to the store the other day, not really to buy anything; ok who can go into a store, have money, and not buy anything, well most of the time, I can’t, don’t judge me. Anyways I saw these exercise DVD’s, there was a two in one that was new and sealed and another that was used but had no scratches or smudges. I grabbed them so quick because I was not going to lose them to a “quicker picker” (a buyer that comes out of nowhere, and grabs something you were going to purchase) not me, not this time.

Rule of thumb, when shopping for any DVD’s at the thrift store, always look inside, because many times, the DVD is missing, it's the wrong one, or it has so much scratches, it will not be useable.

Whenever I get too busy where I can’t go to the park or the gym these exercise DVD’s come to my rescue. I just pop them in my TV/DVD/VCR combo which I bought for 15.00 dollars at a thrift store and for 15 minutes I put in the work and sweat it out to whatever workout routine is playing.

So, you can work out in the comfort of your home and shed those pounds off or at least keep them stable.

I also found a Sportline Pedometer that calculates how many calories you are burning while you are walking, will have to test it out.

The #pedometer retails at $19.99 but I got it for $1.99. I will not sell this pedometer, I repeat I will not sell this pedometer, I promise. On that trip, I bought the DVD’s, the pedometer and Sonic.

Don’t ask about #Sonic he has gone to another home, you know Sonic never stays in one place ever.

Checkout the media and tech section at your local #thriftstore for some great buys. Shopping at thrift stores is always a deal.

All advice are my own. Thanks for the support.

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