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Thrifty Equipment

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

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You guys maybe thinking what she means by “thrifty equipment” if you read on you would see what I mean. I have always started different journeys to lose weight, but I have never succeeded. Since I was never consistent with losing weight. This time around I wanted to invest the least amount of money possible. I am a reseller and I’ve always seen used exercise equipment at low prices at my local thrift stores. So, I said to myself, “why spend more money at a sporting goods store when I could get it cheaper at a thrift store”. This would allow me not to invest too much money, into any equipment that may end up not being used, and besides, I can always resell those equipment locally on Facebook, Offerup, or Ebay.

So, I bought a jump rope for $2.50 and a kettle bell for $5.00 which was only a $7.50 investment.

With the kettle bell I would do kettle bell squats and I get my cardio workout with the jump rope. I started doing my workouts in the park, which was another way I minimized my investment, on this weight loss journey. After being consistent for about 6 months, which had never happened before, then I started investing into more equipment at thrift or sporting goods stores. You may not always find exercise equipment at the thrift store, so when you do find any, “grab em n go” because you will definitely be getting a good deal.

All advice are my own. Thanks for the support.

Let’s Thrift To Be Fit

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